We love things that look, feel & taste good. We're quality junkies. We love the natural world and like to re-use whatever we can. We show real respect. We prefer things made by hand, made with love. We look for balance in everything. Makes sense.

MADAMIMADAM collaborates with masters of their craft, new age artists, designers, fashionista's, eccentrics, entrepreneurs, outsiders, insiders and Mother Nature to make things that we love that you'll love and She'll love too.

We are black, we are white, we are grey - and many more than 50 shades. We may not always be politically correct but we promise to go for a balance in all things. We love what we do and want to share it all with you.




Madamimadam are master coffee roasters. Why Coffee? This is what we do best. We have been doing it forever and we're damn good at it. Experience counts here. We understand all aspects of the job, right down to how each bean collaborates with the other to achieve our unique signature profile.

Our big secret is that we connect with ethical farmers and traders from the best coffee producing regions, which translates to fresh seasonal beans, consistently. And a CUSS load better coffee, consistently.

The fidelity our Master Roaster has with our blend leads to an uncompromised single-minded dedication to sourcing only high quality sustainable coffee beans. For us, this just means we have serious principles around our coffee.

It's no big secret that we connect with ethical farmers and traders from the best coffee producing regions, which translates to the highest quality seasonal beans, consistently. The end result is simple. Amazing coffee.

We don't apologize for our obsessions.

Message to all Espresso Bar, Cafe, Restaurant or Hotel Owners:

Madamimadam provide a full business consultancy for all our wholesale customers.


For all wholesale customers we have experienced coffee machine technicians available anytime 7 days a week. We look after all the maintenance of your coffee machine and we supply state of the art grinders if required.

Oh and in case you're wondering we also stock all the usual suspects like Swiss Water Decaf, chocolate powder, fresh chai, syrups, full range of teas etc...


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Think of us as a business partner that you do not have to share your profit with. As we have over 15 years of experience in opening, running, transforming, invigorating and selling successful Melbourne cafes, we want to offer our expertise to build better hospitality businesses and take your venture to the next level.

So whether you're a start up cafe or an existing espresso or restaurant in need of a boost, we have some fundamental & creative strategies to get you to the next level & beyond.

And by the way ... It's all free!

Below is a list of things we can help you with:

Concept Development

Brand Name & Logo Ideas

Marketing Communication

Social Media Strategy

Design & Layout Planning

Advertising and hiring of staff

Coffee Training

Staff Training

Menu Planning

Suppliers & Costing

We also can assist you with our specialist network of professional assistance:

Finance / Legal / Accounting / Fit out & Construction / Furniture Manufacturers / Insurance / Equipment Finance & Maintenance

The reality is ... we can make you heaps of money and it costs you nothing to pick our brains and utilize all our resources that are at your disposal. Now over to you ...


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Design Gallery

Got something colourful, bright, dark, quirky, fluffy, wet, mind-blowing or new you want people to see (and of course buy)? Show and sell in our Melbourne space. Pop in or if you cant, email adam@madamimadam.com



Reclaimed. Buzz word, yes, but not a throwaway term for us. Check out our custom designed industrial furniture using recycled wood and steel. Think tables, shelves and storage or if you have another idea like breathing life into your old table to make it fresh or novel, contact us - we'll do it.

For your home or business.

Visit our Melbourne space to see and feel.



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Whatever we do, you'll see it, hear it, smell it, taste it or feel it at the MADAMIMADAM shop.

Come in and suss it all out for yourself. Get to know the crew, for all things coffee. With that sorted, why not pull up a stool and devour a delicious burger. Then you might just catch an eyeful of art, relax your shoulders, chill out, exhale, recite Bible passages, stand on one leg or do anything else that turns you on ... Above all you'll get out and add some well needed balance to your existence.

Equilibrium is the MADAMIMADAM ethos, our raison d'être. (There, the secret's out and oh, how chic, it's in French.)

PS: You can buy pretty much everything in our shop hencethe disarmingly clever title for the space: The Shop. From the hand-crafted coffee, custommade wood and steel tables, shelving, wine racks, storage units and the art on the walls. The only thing you can't buy is our culinary King, Dhurbs who is too busy cooking. So try stealing him instead.


Address: 16 Equitable Place Melbourne Vic 3000

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday 7am til 4pm.

Contact: phone/fax 03 96002506

Email: thissideofparadise.com.au

Coffee Bar - Breakfast - Lunch - Catering - Function Room - Wine Bar - Gallery - Design - Furniture

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Let's see - you're involved with an Espresso Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Boutique Grocery, Deli, Corner Store, Bottle Shop, Food Service Provider or you're a Retailer and you want great service and quality stuff? Well done for getting here. You're cluey enough to become a MADAMIMADAM Wholesale Customer.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM NOW. People we call experts due to serious credentials will follow up this and help you get what you want including Melbourne's premier coffee, amazing Barossa wine, strategic advice in design, operations, communication and business development.



Retail: (03) 9600 2506

Wholesale: 1300 784 534


16 Equitable Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

Monday - Friday 7am-4pm

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